Thursday 24 November 2011

A celebration of the Music of Heavy D

As part of our series of articles about Smartphone music we're going to write about the Music of Heavy D as a celebration of the life of this famous and much loved rapper.
Being such an instrumental rapper and record label mogul it's a pity that Heavy D is no longer with us just as I believe music is starting to get really interesting.

Even more interesting than the era of Itunes and such like as with our always on mobile phones as connected portals to all the entertainment we could possibly want. I truly believe that people like Heavy D would have continued to be at the forefront of modern technological developments that will put free music onto our Iphones and Android phones, the movement that is will one day hopefully bring free music online to all our Smartphones too. So that hopefully in the near future we can be enjoying  music like Heavy D music on our mobiles.

So now that the headlines are shouting out " Heavy D Dead" let's look at a few of his songs and then look at some of the best ways that we can get Heavy D music and others free and legally on to our phones!
Some of Heavy D's stand out moments included the theme song for the television show " In Living Colour" and a particularly meaningful at this time song as a tribute to his deceased " Heavy D and the Boyz" band member Trouble T Roy entitled "They reminisce Over You". His rapping on Michael Jackson's " Jam" was also phenomenal leading on to a collaboration with sister Janet Jackson.

Here are some of the Android Free Music Apps that we've found that can access an enormous amount of free Music Online:

With Download MP3 Music Download Pro Android App you can search through the millions of FREE MP3s available and FREE MUSIC for mp3 download, all from free public search engines, and download music! Three songs can be downloaded at once and the songs can even be edited to use as ringtones!

Lamentably this app has been removed from the Android market but has proved so popular that it shouldn't be too difficult to find a copy out there on  the internet. One of its great features is that you can search for lists such as 'Billboards Top 100' which takes a lot of guess work out of music downloads.

A clean and simple no frills app that simply does what you would expect it to . Many users of Music Box Pro swear by this app too.

Not to make Iphone Users feel left out we've managed to source on e of the most recommended apps on Iphone for free music downloads  which is definitely worth checking out:

" Free Music Download" -Downloader and Player
It's claimed that it is free and easy to use and has access to a vast array of songs. The free version can only download up to 15 songs but the paid for version has unlimited amount of music downloads.

Heavy D I'm sure you're sat in a Gangsta's Paradise right now rapping away and sipping Gin and Juice , and I'm sure you'd give the next generation of Music your support as we take music out of the ghettoes, off of our CD players and on to our Shiny Android phones and Iphones. R.I.P Heavy D the next song I download will be one of yours.

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