Friday 25 November 2011

Would the Bank Of America or Wells Fargo fund app development?

As you know at Gametrender we not only review apps but also try to help developers out, so we've been posed this question: Would the Bank of America or a smaller bank like Wells Fargo be likely to fund my app?

That's an interesting question, we've covered a form of app funding in a previous post but I think you'd need to be a very , very special and huge developer before such large institutions would consider you.
That said with all the adverts dotted around when you search the net for Wells Fargo login enrout to the bank Wells Fargo Online you can expect that these businessman , even embroiled in a world of finance and money as they are, are still in tune with the needs of the common people. And I of course would be very surprised if every one of these bankers was not some sort of Smartphone user (Blackberry in particular has been popular with the business world for the last few years, perhaps less so now due to the recent Blackberry server crashes).

Before you start to chase online money you need to look seriously at what your app and app development company have got to offer the big bankers and finance institutions. If you really are as big as Rovio , or soon to be, then perhaps Wells Fargo and their like might give you the time of day. Otherwise consider your options , be realistic and at the very least consider Kickstart; Appfundr or even getting your relatives to get their American Express cards out and show solidarity with you by helping to fund your app.

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