Thursday 24 November 2011

Getting Lyrics from X factor on your Phone

The Lyrics from X Factor, particularly X Factor USA are always a source of entertainment and amusement for the Gametrender household. Whether it's singing along to old favourites or the mangled version of modern, happening songs or stifling a giggle for when the X Factor contestants slip up ,X Factor is always worth a giggle. Particularly American X Factor in which the contestants take themselves so seriously.

Of course any multimedia circus event like X Factor has just got to spread it's way on to our ever connected Smartphones so watching recent episodes got me to thinking about how my Android phone helps me to enjoy the X Factor even more now.

So let's look at some of the X Factor apps that we can get:

Quite simply titled  Total X Factor for Android
If you want to know the latest news about the contestants, watch the latest X Factor videos and  vote for your favorite singer, the X-Factor app in the Android Market is now available. This app will take your voting and participation in the show to a whole new level.

X Factor Voting

This app also allows you to get closer to the action and despite not being the original X factor USA app is very good especially as it has just been created as a labour of love by developer Izzy Appz

Bear in mind before we explore any more Xfactor Apps that many generic apps such as Youtube and other popular sites that can be accessed from your phone such as MySpace can also be valuable sources of info to feed your desire for news; views and X Factor lyrics .
So what other X factor apps are out there, let the hunt for apps continue!

Official X Factor USA App
Of course there had to be an official American X Factor App and here it is taking X Factor interactivity to a new level, allowing you to see missed snippets of the show; view official judge bios; catch bits of the X Factor USA that the fans loved and loved to hate and even participate in discussions with other fans.

It's sometimes hard to forget that the Xfactor is not just about the crazed participants and adoring fans but that at its heart lies the lyrics and music that we all love so because Gametrender likes you here are some extra apps related to the X Factor lyrics and which you'll have lots of fun with:
You've got to check out the MIUI MUSIC APP
Like many great apps it can't be downloaded from the Android Market but we've sourced one of the most artistic music apps out there for you and best of all it provides a scrolling karaoke bar with music lyrics so you too can pretend to be on the X Factor!

And Finally here's what inspired me to write about the XFcator lyrics in the first place, when I first got my Android Phone many months ago I was so enthralled by it that I wanted friends and family to share in the fun, so naturally the first thing that came to mind was Karaoke on Android! We've had lots of fun with this karaoke app which has a huge amount of lyrics and songs, including , yes , you guessed it X Factor Lyrics and songs too. Enjoy!

ANDROID KARAOKE giving you access via the net to thousands upon thousands of songs, which once found can be downloaded to your SD card.

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