Monday 28 November 2011

Why let Cl&P outages deprive us of Energy and gas?

Even if you don't live in Connecticut there's still an Energy and Gas lesson to be learned from the recent CL&P Outages. And as always we'll put a Smartphone Spin on the energy cl&p problem. We'll try to cover in this article useful tips on how your Smartphone can help you lower your energy bill or decide on alternate energy stream such as solar energy.

CL&P Outage Map
As you can see a lot of homes were totally blacked out during a recent large storm in the area. Well firstly how your Smartphone could help there is with the handy Flashlight App, no need to go digging through the kitchen drawers for a torch when your Smartphone is always to hand!
Tiny Flashlight and Led: Regarded as one of the best Flashlight apps on the Android market.
with between 10 million and 50 million installs it's very highly rated, and just what you need for an unexpected power outage!

The word Solar and Solar energy was certainly bantered around with the recent electrical outages with many wishing that they weren't on the National Grid and had pre-empted the outage and saved money by going Solar in the first place. Not knowing much about this alternate energy source I naturally turned to the Android market for help and came up with this useful energy app that will tell you everything you need to know about solar energy, stream energy, green energy and any other type of energy question you could possibly want answered.
If this Android App convinces you and you do decide to go for a solar powered home than once again the Android Market can help you with this useful app that calculates how much energy a solar panel can generate

And finally impress your friends with the SOLAR BATTERY CHARGER app, but please read the small print as you might be in for a surprise when it doesn't actually charge your battery, but who cares as long as your friends are impressed! (AMAZON features this handy mobile phone solar charger if you really want to get one)

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