Wednesday 23 November 2011

Crazy Things to do with an Ipad

Don't get too crazy with your Ipad!
 If you'd bet me a week ago that somebody would be crazy enough to drop a bowling ball onto an Ipad, or that they would then go one step more extreme and drop an Ipad out of an aeroplane  I would have taken that bet as it would just be too crazy to believe. If you then bet me that the Ipad would survive both those stunts I would definitely have taken that bet. And I would have lost!

G-Form is the company in question and one of their best and most extreme products is the "Extreme Sleeve for Ipad"

And boy , oh boy is this Ipad product extreme! Here the unbelievable Ipad bowling ball feat is performed. Like a car crash about to happen it is painful to watch but you still can't drag your eyes away. And the Ipad survives intact! Wager one lost. Here's a bit more about the Extreme Sleeve:

The G-Form iPad Extreme Sleeve™, utilizing RPT™ – Reactive Protection Technology, a composite blend of PORON® XRD™ material and proprietary G-Form materials and technology, is designed specifically for the iPad and iPad2* user who is on the go. The soft, flexible, lightweight, water-resistant Extreme Sleeve™ can easily be placed into another bag, backpack, or suitcase and protect your iPad from impact.

Reading into it a bit more I found out this information about how the sleeve protects the Ipad " RPT™ is a composite blend of PORON®XRD™ material and proprietary G-Form materials and technology that instantly stiffens upon impact and absorbs over 90% of the energy"

Gulp! So some serious hard core shock absorbing protective kit to look after your Ipad. Suffice to say that the technology behind it is definitely baffling but it certainly works. Now that I've lost my first metaphorical bet, G-Form goes on to prove just how protective their kit is and this certainly is one of the craziest things you could do with an Ipad, only a wealthy eccentric or G-Form confident in their protective products could dream of dropping an Ipad from over five hundred feet. Does the Ipad survive? Watch the video to find out about this amazing Ipad Aeroplane Drop!

While we're  at it we thought we'd throw in this gratutious video of various technology being dropped from extreme heights , because we're sure you enjoy that type of thing! If only they had a G-form Extreme Sleeve!

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