Wednesday 23 November 2011

Yoga and Crossfit for your Iphone

Carrying on from our recent posting about Zumba for your smartphone we're now going to look at some of the best yoga and crossfit apps for Iphone.

Crossfit Total Fitness Log
Carrying on in the spirit of the silly party season you're going to need something to get your bodies and minds back in  order, so hopefully with these yoga and crossfit apps you can party hard in the night, using your Iphone to take silly drunken photographs and videos at your chosen party and then the next day come back down to Earth and use that same Iphone to do your Yoga for beginners (or experts if you're advanced and if your aching head is up to it!) or feel even a little bit more energetic and launch into your series of crossfit exercises.

Starting with crossfit workouts first there is an abundance of apps on the market to just keep track of your Crossfit exercises and Crossfit workouts-these include: Roboboogie's Iphone Crossfit app and Mauricio Carneiro's Crossfit Total  which gives you access to Crossfit workouts of the day and helps you to log your training.

So on to the other Crossfit Apps , generally they can be divided into the log your Crossfit workout style of app and those that give you a Crossfit workout of the day. Workout of the Day is one that's caught my eye because of their mention of The Jailhouse Ten  which apparently is a workout that is great if you're in a prison cell! Well if you're reading this from a prison cell and you've got access to an Iphone well done to you! 
Crossfit exercises should be functional, high intensity and  make the most of a workout on a short time Workout of the Day-Daily Fitness Exercise   certainly delivers on this exercise promise with some very high intensity and tough workout delivered to your phone every day. These crossfit exercises might not be what you want to do with a hangover but they will certainly get your body working at its peak! 

Yoga Yoga wherefore art thou Yoga, I'm exhausted from just writing about those Crossfit exercises so it's definitely time to take it down a notch, destress and write about some of those Yoga apps for Iphone. I'm going to aim this at yoga for beginners as I'm guessing that if you've been on the Yoga Yoga bandwagon for a while you'll already have sourced some of the better apps out there.

Most Yoga apps follow a very similar format mostly being in the form of Yoga Flash Cards and if you're lucky a bit of Yoga narration and sequencing will be thrown in for good measure.

I'm going to speak about two of the most well known Yoga apps on Itunes as they come highly recommended, Deepak Chopra is a name that I know well, a legendary new age guru and campaigner for better lives through conciousness. Tara Stiles is not a name I recognise but looking up information as here it seems that she is a modern day type of Deepak Chopra , helping people to enhance their lives through practices such as Yoga. These two have joined together to create one of the best Yoga apps on Itunes: Authentic Yoga with Deepak Chopra and Tara Stiles 

The app comes highly recommended allowin g you to conduct your Yoga exercises with a variety of music or the learned voice of Deepak as instruction. Tara will also guide you through the various Yoga poses and the app will grow with you as it caters to the Beginner in Yoga to Yoga professionals.

Yoga Stretch is also one of the most highly regarded apps on Itunes amongst Yoga practitioners . You can create and save up to five of your own Yoga sessions and use your own saved music to conduct the Yoga Exercises to. This Yoga app has been all over the news and even featured on USA Today so apps don't come with more credentials than that.

So there's your selection of Crossfit workouts and Yoga apps to help you through this festive season. Party Hard knowing that you'll be able to get your mind/body equilibrium back on track with these apps. Enjoy!

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