Tuesday 22 November 2011

App Marketing and Julian Edelmann

App Marketing and Julian Edelmann

Our recent article explored the link between Cosa Nostra and appstores, leading on from that we now consider how app marketing and Julian Edelmann are related. Of course, as you might know, "Julian Edelmann" was a very recent and high profile news headline , for those who don't know Julian Edelmann is/was the New England patriots Football player recently pressed into being a defensive back, and more importantly he was recently arrested for lewd public behaviour.
So how does this knowledge help the advertising of your app? Well firstly the lesson is that no matter how high profile you are integrity should first and foremost be the main  factor.It goes without saying that you need to be honest, it doesn't want to be a marketing scam with you trying to sell Angry Birds:Hogmanay New Year and coming up with a generic Pacman ripoff. Neither Rovio (Angry Bird's Daddys) nor your customers are going to be too pleased that you've done what in essence is a marketing scam by fraudently using a name you're not entitled to and not delivered what people have expected. So lesson number one if you're going to advertising for your app be honest!

Let's just quickly consider another form of marketing that seems to be becoming very popular and that you might find some success with or more than likely not:  Known as Vector Marketing  after the infamous company that targetsstudents aminly with the idea that thye can earn big bucks and then charges them to attende training seminars and buy Vector's products-most of the workers ending off even worse than before! Again Vector marketing scam is something that is coming up all the time on the internet, remember you're selling a good quality app with values so you certainly don't want to be part of any Vector marketing scam  or any other kind of marketing scam.

There are companies out there that will advertise your app for you (Gametrender included please see Contact above!) all providing a varying service to get your app know throughout the world. Prices vary widely so if you're going to use one of these services know precisely what you're paying for. The use of social media such as Twitter and Facebook is of course always recommended, but if you're a smaller app developer you've really got to ask yourself, do you have time to do that sort of marketing for your app?

Really the main and best way to make sure that you have good app sales is to take your app and polish it to such a degree and make it so entertaining and useful that the world can't help but buy millions of copies of your app. And remember, any other way that you choose to market your App , whether it be with a friendly awesome website like Gametrender or otherwise, don't be like Julian Edelmann, keep to doing what you do best and keep an untarnished reputation. Above all avoid all types of scams including the notorious  Vector marketing scam : Be honest and you will be successful.

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