Friday 25 November 2011

All Recipes and vouchers for your Phone including Dominos?

Imagine a perfect world where you could at the touch of a button have all recipes including your Junk Food favourites like Dominos pizza and Wendys easily accessible through your Iphone. Well I don't think we're quite there yet but hopefully through this article we'll explore some ways to get all recipes or failing that, lots and lots of recipes onto your phone.

As for our mentions of Dominos and Wendy's I think it will be doubtful whether you could get your home cooked recipes tasting quite like their products and I'm sure that they keep a lot of their secret recipe ingredients under lock and key anyway. Besides a quick search of Food network recipes will give you many healthier; cheaper and tastier alternative foods.

As I was writing this article I was thinking how British super chef Jamie Oliver has made cooking fun and cool again, and then wouldn't you know it one of the first recipe apps that I find is Jamie's Recipes!
I've been a fan of Jamie Oliver for a while now and a few years ago got one of his books for Christmas (not The Naked Chef as the title sounded a bit creepy for me!) I used the book a lot when I could find the time , and the money to buy some of Jamie's unique ingredients, and most of the recipes when I followed the instructions and they turned out right were delicious. 

The app is very friendly to use and includes lists of ingredients and some very easy to follow instructions. I had a similar cartridge for my DS a few years ago, and while the idea was fantastic , walking around the Supermarket with a DS ticking off recipe ingredients just didn't work, however it is a perfect concept for a Smartphone so this app just works. is big on the net at the moment and of course the natural transition for them is to make spin off app for Iphone and Android.

If you take the time to explore the site you'll be pleasantly surprised at what a unique fresh twist they add to recipes, they give you exactly what you'd expect from a recipe app but also make sharing recipes and even photographs so easy. Ease of use is one of the standout factors for this app.
Food Network Recipes is another big name that we're hearing a lot about and naturally they too have made their way to Iphone, the app promise on the go access to all your favourite recipes and chefs and has some well known chefs like Paula Deen and Bobby Flay behind it, could be another to fire up the stove to.

And finally for those of you who still couldn't stop salivating at the thought of the junk food that I mentioned earlier I've sourced some take-away coupons apps that you can hopefully find Dominos Coupon Codes on if you really want to and forget all about this healthy , home made celebrity chef stuff!(Vouchers, vouchers vouchers!)

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