Friday 25 November 2011

Siri should I go to a restaurant for Thanksgiving?

"Well, Siri is an Italian restaurant the best thing to do for Thanksgiving dinner? What about a pizza restaurant?"

"You've been reading Gametrender again haven't you?and ignoring me! Is this how you treat me for Thanksgiving 2011? Just don't ask me any more questions until you stop reading that Gametrender's advice-I just know that something's going on between you two!"

Is this how your recent conversations with Siri have gone? I'm guessing not and this conversation is just a product of Gametrender's warped imagination but still you must be reading this for a reason. And I've a sneaking suspicion that, that reason is that you've been drawn here by my other food app articles and now want to find the best restaurant apps about. Reading this just after Thanksgiving you've perhaps become a bit jaded about the whole Thanksgiving Turkey concept and have perhaps even fallen in love with our warped Thanksgiving Pizza ideas!

Well whatever reason that you've come to this article, and I'm sure many of you are reading this against Siris' advice I'm going to try give you the best restaurants app lowdown:

The AA has been around for a while so we're inclined to take their advice when it comes to fine restaurants and travel. Thousands of recommended restaurants all graded and with relevant details.

Coming in recommnded just on its name alone! Dishfinders is social networking for food lovers allowing yourself and thousands of others to submit pictures and reviews of food you want to recommend or recommend to avoid!

App developers of restaurant apps must be eating some good brain food with all these awesome app names coming out! Urban Spoon adds a  bit of adventure to your dining out. Select a category of restaurant ; price tag and area and then SHAKE to let the wheel of eating fortune select a random eating house for you.

So Siri where  do you think we should go next Thanksgiving? Italian   restaurant; pizza restaurant or just let one of these awesome restaurant apps decide?

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