Monday 21 November 2011

Get in your car with Happy Wheels and mow down some Zombies!

Happy Wheels from Jerkface is the new internet sensation online game that you really need to play. Whether you're a Ford or Ferrari driver this is one of the best car games out there and will  get your need for speed revving to the max.
But heres the catch: The Happy Wheels game is quite limited in vehicles and you'd actually be very lucky to find even a Ford in it as the premier means of transportation is a wheelchair! So Jerkface what are you up to and is your car game (Umm sorry I mean crazy wheel chair based game!) worth playing?

Like many crazy concept games Happy Wheels started life as a flash game on that source of all that is crazy the internet. Play Happy Wheels Jerkface . There have been a long line of illustrious games that have been ported to the Iphone and Android, some of the best that I'm playing at the moment are the legendary car games: Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit and any other version of Need For Speed that I can get hold of because they are that good ( covered in my previous article Best Games list for Xperia Play)

I'm sad to say that for all my searching( 3 hours plus at the moment) I still haven't been able to locate any Happy Wheels App for Iphone, come on Jerkface what are you waiting for you could make a fortune!

So what is it that makes this game so popular firstly it's got to be said that it is not your ordinary driving game, no it certainly doens't star any Fords, but has got a variety of whacky and some not so savoury characters including the wheelchaired main star ( does he have leprosy because he is certainly a mess!) , the heroic Indiana Jones type in a mine cart and even a suit on a sedgeway. The levels are just as varied as the characters though with Zombies , apes and more running amuck to slow down your time and mincemeat your character in this gory physics heavy alternate racer.

Gameplay is thick and fast with some great physics and gory endings for your character and Zombies and any other things that they come up against (there's a huge variety of levels) . I'm just going to end off this posting and speak to Jerkface Directly " Happy Wheels needs to come to Iphone Now!"

On a positive note the game is available on Kongregate so theoretically it should be possible, using the Android App, to play the Happy Wheels game on Android. I haven't tried it yet so if you find out please let us know via this posts comments.

And if you're an Iphone owner join the rest of the world in appealing to Jerkface to bring Happy Wheels to your Iphone now!

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