Monday 21 November 2011

Get exercising with your phone and earn your Zumba tattoo!

Have you noticed how tattoos and fitness go hand in hand? So naturally it follows that if you're a Zumba exerciser (protagonist; practitioner; supporter?) you should get a Zumba tattoo! Or failing that if Tattoos aren't your thing (what not even a Dragon tattoo - don't be such a prude) you can join Gametrender on our quest to find the best Zumba apps for you iPhone and Android.

Another reason that I've mentioned tattoos and Zumba in the same article is that it is coming up to silly season, with the endless round of parties you just know that someone is going to get far too drunk and go out and drunkenly get a tattoo (perhaps they'll even read this article and get that Zumba tattoo-if you do please post in comments we'd love to see it!)

But look we've found: Tattoo Tycoon for Android

Just had to be an app out there to go with this article! Well the legendary Handy Games don't disappoint with their time and tattoo management game .Manage your own tattoo studio: Zumba tattoo-no problem; Dragon tattoo highly popular but difficult. Tatto Tycoon will keep you occupied and your mind off that drunken party tattoo you got as you frantically manage your studio and design new tattoos. Perhaps you too could be the next MIAMI INK

The cast of Miami Ink: Any drunken Zumba inspired tats lads?

Okay let's forget about Miami Ink and tattoos for the meantime and get back to our main business of finding a Zumba App for your smartphone! 

Zumba Wii
Surely there should be some Zumba apps out there as the fitness craze has been around on Xbox 360 for ages and is now taking the Wii Fit by storm, Wii Zumba has had an enormous amount of success .

So are there Iphone and Android Apps that can take the place of a Zumba Class?

The answer is Yes but for the sheer workout I still think that either the Wii Zumba or an actual Zumba Class is probably better:

Zumba with Kelly Saskatoon

The official mobile app of Zumba Fitness with Kelly of Saskatoon. Keep up to date with the latest activities, social networks, news, videos and more.
Carrie Zumba App for Zumba classes in and around Ipswich. The App also explains what Zumba is and it has a few taster steps, so you know what to expect. 

It seems that Zumba apps for Android and Iphone are actually quite few and far between, I've looked deeply into the Zumba classes and dances you can do with your phone and it seems that of the tiny handful of apps out there most of those just seem to at the best show you videos of the workouts and at the worst overcharge you for your Zumba app and just provide a video link to a collection of Youtube Zumba videos that you can find yourself. Those Zumba apps that I've featured on this page seem to be the best out there (Zumba Saskatoon is available on Iphone too).

So thoughts about becoming a superfit workout star and getting that first Zumba tattoo aside it still seems for now that a better option might be Wii Zumba or actually getting off of the couch and going to a real Zumba class!

Too energetic? Gametrender covers Yoga Apps too!

Let's Zumba!

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