Thursday, 24 November 2011

Youtube vs Netflix on Android

Netflix is becoming huge and is making its way to Smartphones and in particular the Netflix Android App is set to take Android owners by storm perhaps even eclipsing the popularity of the Youtube app, if you didn't know already Netflix provides a streaming Netflix service that puts TV shows and Movies into your home for a very low monthly subscription price.

Recent developments on the Netflix streaming front have seen the service come to Xbox; Wii; PS3 and as their website puts it , " Many other devices". The many other devices we are of course concerned with is our favourite Android Phones. Before we go on to discuss what Netflix can bring to your Android Phone let's first consider what should be a viable alternative, but somehow hasn't reached it's full potential, despite enormous success. What I'm talking about of course is Youtube. My Youtube app on Xperia Play has got to be one of my most used apps. Not so much for my sake but that of the toddler in the house, who despite not being able to speak properly has fully grasped what the Youtube app looks like, how to activate it and then will quite happily scroll through his favourite TV shows (Peppa Pig and Fireman Sam if you must know) and those linked to them without any assistance from me whatsoever. And of course Youtube brings all sorts of video and some Youtube music goodness to the mix as well. In fact it is so integrated with my Android phone that when I went to download Youtube I found that it had come pre-installed on the phone.
Now where I think Youtube has slightly missed the boat is that they already having a viable streaming service for Youtube music and Youtube videos; that content ranges from the quirky homemade stuff that we all love to actual Television shows and even snippets of movies. Whether the content added has been added in a legal way is a debate for articles beyond the scope of this one, but the overall point is that beyond the actual agreements that Netflix might have with their Netflix streaming content providers it seems on the surface that Youtube is quite capable of delivering a similar service to our Android phones and Iphone sbut hasn't yet taken that leap of faith. In the meantime though we will have to be content with the awesome service that Netflix provides.

Let's look in more depth at Android Netflix then: First of all the app is free on the Android market and with between 5 million and ten million installs is quite popular to say the least.  Netflix is also available for Android tablets which is brilliant news as the average 10 or so inch screen (and Yes, we'll give you a mention with your seven inch screen too Android Fire) is brilliant for pottering around the house or on bus/train journeys to watch movies ( not recommended whilst you are driving though!). Like the brilliant Amazon Kindle app what I love about the Netflix App is that the netflix streaming enables you to watch the movie on your Samsung Galaxy Tab , switch to your Xperia Play Phone and then finish off watching it on the Xbox or Wii thanks to the ability to resume watching where you left off. And you can also look forward to a free subscription when you start using the Netflix App.

At the moment this does seem to be one of the best ways to enjoy movies on your Android device, but we will be very keen to see what the future brings when Youtube realises the power it has as a movie and music streaming giant.
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