Monday 28 November 2011

Let your Android help you pick Babies boy names and girl names for 2012

2012 is almost upon us and I'm sure people will be celebrating in many new and exciting ways, one of those old and traditional ways though will still be around and so we can expect the normal 9 months after the festive season baby boom. But what will be the babies boy names and girl names in fashion for 2012?

People will either be copying  celebrity babies names or finding their own unique names. Thankfully though we live in a modern age  and can turn to our smartphones for help. So two apps we're going to look at are the 2012 calendar app , so you know what to expect for you and your baby in the New Year (hopefully not a 2012 world end!) and a sweet, little app that will help you to choose your babies name.

Android App Holiday Calendar 2011/2012

Set for over twenty different countries you can use this app to make the most of 2012 and your holidays.

Now you've got a bit of your 2012 planned out it's time to look forward to that new baby and start to think of those girl or boy names you're going to have. Thanks to this app that we've found you'll have access to over 50,000 baby names!

Over 50000 baby boy and baby girls names. Lots of unique names from many different countries around the world, complete with name meaning and origin. View by popularity, alphabetise or view by lists, such as flower names or biblical names.

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