Monday 28 November 2011

Will I be able to mail my Google Music?

Google Music is starting to make waves,I received a recent mail from a friend to my yahoo account reserved for blogging tips suggesting I cover what he referred to as 'Google Music Beta', while it was still in relative infancy, so I went digging to find out what I could.

Formally known by various names including google beta or google music beta, this music search and more tool is now solidly out into the mainstream and flexing its muscles. Will it be able to talk on iTunes? Let's have a look at Google Music:

Firstly if you're from anywhere else but the USA you'll receive this message:
We're sorry. Google Music is currently only available in the United States

Yes, it's true this Android Music Store is only available in the USA for the moment, so rest of the world we expect lots of live mail to go out to Google demanding that they rush the music search tool out to the rest of the world. 

Introducing Google's Digital Music Store
Google has managed to sign up all the main music labels , that is except for Warner Music (negotiations continue) however the reason that Google Music is not available to the rest of the world is that the record labels have not yet agreed to allow Google to sell their music universally,yet.

Google claims to have over 13 million tracks listed on its service; Songs are available in MP3 format encoded at 320Kbps. Song prices range from 69c to 99c and $1.29, the same as on Apple's iTunes.

In some more exciting music store developments the search engine giant will boost the service by offering one track for free a day to new subscribers, to answer the posed question :" Will I be able to mail my Google Music", in a way ,yes. Similar to the way that Facebook has pushed Spotify, the Google+ social network will allow users to share songs with their friends directly through Google+(songs are limited to one playback only though)

And in the rest of the world we wait eagerly...

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