Friday 25 November 2011

Loans for PSN Money

PSN is a costly hobby what with the new money charges for the network usage, some companies are even floating themselves as PSN loan companies. With the average demographic of a PSN gamer being somewhere from 16 to mid -30's one would imagine that they have more things to be worried about financially such as mortgages and student loans, rather than taking out online loans to fuel their gaming habits.

Indeed ever since the recent PSN hacking scandal when the network went down and millions of account holders details were stolen it has made the public a bit wary and dubious of any sort of money transactions with PSN. PSN back in  business was a common headline seen on the net when the network was finally able to shrug off the hackers attacks and get back to their job of providing entertainment for the masses.

Sony'y compensation of a handful of aging or B list games and a limited free subscription to the Playstation Network many consider as being far too inadequate.

Many online pundits now see Sony as losing money, which is not surprising given the severity and length of the hacking, however that situation should resolve itself by early next year.
Now as for the posed question as to how to get PSN Money (is free available money available I'd love to hear about it-I certainly haven't come across anything like that in my research) What could be helpful to Playstation gamers without a credit card is one of the methods that I found online to buy Playstation Network  money without a credit card. Again if there are other methods out there I would love to hear about them, but for now the only way that we know of is to make a US account, buy a US PSN card (sourced through Amazon or Ebay) redeem the code and make your purchase.

At the moment I personally haven't used my PSN account for well over a year as I'm more concerned with gaming on my Xbox 360 and Xperia Play, however when the spiritual successor of the Xperia Play, the Playstation Vita is released than I might be forced to venture back into the arms of Sony's Network.

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