Friday 25 November 2011

After BlackFriday Amzn can take their money to the bank

By all accounts when BlackFriday draws to a close the  amzn stock will have gone through the roof yet again. The behemoth that is Amazon certainly does not need money but the mad money fest that is Black Friday makes me equally happy too. Why would the curator of a Smartphone website be interested in the financial wheelings and dealings of big money, mad money companies like Amazon you ask.

Well one very simple reason is that I like Amazon, I like to shop on their website, I like the fact that I as a blogger can earn money from my readers buying their products and I like their products. It's a very rare day indeed that I don't use my Kindle and even now I'm debating whether to buy an Amazon Fire.

But mostly the reason that I like to see amzn taking a profit to the bank is that I'm hoping a lot of their profit will come back to us in years to come as R and D funding. The products that they create can set the world alight and all that research costs an awful lot of money; that's why when we drive up the stock price of AMZN I don't get envious of the Amazon billions but sit back content to wait for the next super product that they will bring to us.

Now I'm off to watch some Netflix movies and drive up nflx stocks too- I'm sure I can put a positive spin on that one too!

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