Monday 21 November 2011

Reading Grimm on the Amazon Fire

So the Amazon Fire is finally out, do you want to be reading the old Grimm tales on it or something more modern and snappy? Or should you just give up the reading lark altogether and immerse yourself in a world of apps and Android powered fun?

Aah you ask but why have I specifically mentioned Grimm in conjunction with Amazon? Well since the series Grimm has started being aired by NBC it has prompted a huge upsurge of interest in the original Grimm Brothers fairy tales and downloads of the sometimes free literary classics as an Amazon Kindle book have been fairly flying off the virtual library shelves.

Kindle fire1
Amazon Fire: Cheap Multimedia for all
Amazon of course have been just like the characters from Grimm tales themselves, I liken them to Hansel and Gretel following breadcrumbs home; except the breadcrumbs in this case are the alternating cash cows of the original Amazon Kindle and now the Amazon Fire. And with all the profit that Amazon books and all the other lucrative branches Amazon has, I'm sure the modest Gingerbread house as envisaged by the Grimm brothers is now a multi billion dollar palace with only the finest French boulangerrie crafted Gingerbread in sight.

Which nicely leads us on to another form of Gingerbread, that powering the Amazon Fire:
With Android 2.3 (Honeycomb;ice-cream sandwich where are you?) on board, it's  the first Amazon device to run anything other than the non-native software.

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Lush color book covers as they're meant to be on Amazon Fire

What I and many other happy Kindle owners have wanted for a while is a colour screen especially to read magazines and look at our book covers(take for example the lush covers of Terry Pratchett's books-they just wouldn't be the same in black and white) .The Amazon Fire has a 7-inch, 1024x600 color display which makes it a comfortable size for reading but large enough to enjoy other tablet features.

Offering a 1GHz dual-core Texas Instruments OMAP processor the Kindle has plenty of power for its size, but one wonders if the 512mb of ram or the 8gb of internal storage with no sd card expansion is enough. Ergonomically the Amazon Fire is just fine as it feels comfortable to hold compared to the larger tablets out there and has being described as having a similar user weight to comfort ratio of the Kindle.

Amazon Fire: Modern ways to Enjoy old classics?
It's apparent that this device is aimed at media consumption as it lacks both microphones and camera-decisons to omit these I'm sure drove the costs down, crucial as the very low sub 200 hundred dollar price point alongside Amazon's awesome reputation is what is going to sell these tablets.

With a gorilla glass screen and a rubberised back the Amazon Fire is plenty tough and the Kindle skinned Ui quite intuitive having a homescreen as a library the device just wants you to consume media in all forms. Consume... not a good word when it comes to the Amazon Fire as it is the one area that it lets me down. I love the Kindle because I travel a lot and having a battery that lasts almost a month is superb with the Amazon Fire it's claimed that constant reading will give you 7.5 hours of Amazon Fire battery time. A big dissapointment.

So finally: Yes, Grimm Tales and millions of other books are available through the Amazon market for Kindle and the exciting fire. At such a low price you'd be silly to avoid the Amazon  Fire, especially as cross media projects like the aforementioned Grimm tales can be enjoyed as a book ; graphic novel ot even the Grimm TV series- something which the Kindle could not ever do . Now if only the battery lasted a month!

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