Friday 25 November 2011

Let your Iphone find the Best Pizza Thanksgiving Recipe

Turkey? Check. Pumpkin Pie?Check. Pizza? Check. What! No, wait surely a Thanksgiving recipe shouldn't involve Pizza in any way shape or form. As far as Thanksgiving ideas go surely putting Pizza on the menu can only be something that an eight year old would come up with.

Dominos Thanksgiving Pizza

Actually, maybe not, let's actually consider this for a while. Firstly why I've mashed these two incongruous ideas together is that my recent article about Good recipe apps which I ended off with Dominos voucher codes has proved quite popular, but for the wrong reason I'm afraid. I think more people are reading the article to get hold of the Dominos vouchers than to find out about the awesome recipe apps for Iphone and Android they can download.

So is Pizza going to be on your next Thanksgiving menu too? Well if you're too busy to make the effort to have a huge and sumptuous buffet for this celebration then I'm not going to question you, you might be like me having no time to eat , drink or exercise as I tap away at my keyboard and phone to bring you the best Smartphone related articles, or maybe you're just a total non-conformist and don't believe in Thanksgiving or any other festival or celebration for that matter.

Perhaps a weeks menu for you consists of Monday: Pizza Hut; Tuesday: Marcos Pizza ; Wednesday: Jets Pizza and so on. Or perhaps you're some kind of Mutant Turtle...

Anyway I digress and I'll be quiet as long as you've had a fantastic Thanksgiving and plan to have many more in the future and have gamed heavily on your Ipods; Iphones;Ipads and Androids then Gametrender is content and will never question your diet. In fact here by popular demand are Coupon Apps for Pizza Hut and more:

VoucherCloud                          Pizza Hut App

My Voucher Codes                     QuidCo

Getting big now and bigger in the future are augmented reality apps to find restaurants and more.

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