Tuesday 22 November 2011

Which Country Downloads most Apps?

Like the battle between Apple and Google there are some surprising stats to be found when exploring the most apps downloaded in each country of the world.

Naturally and expectedly the USA  is the largest app market having just recently passed over 3 and a half billion Android app downloads, entailing over 50 %  of the world's share of Android Apps...

But that is just where the smartphone stats start to get interesting,
new research shows that the most amount of apps downloaded on average is for the Swedish market, where on average each Android owner downloads over 5 apps a month, this compares to the USA where on average only 2 apps are downloaded per Android user in a month.

Any guesses for the second largest market then? Well that would be South Korea which has on average 9 % of the worlds app downloads (average 3+ per Android user); then comes in the UK (avg. 3+ apps per user per month) ;Germany (avg. 4+ per month) and finally the French with only 1 + app downloaded per month

So Android App developers what does all that mean, well for each country it seems that different app marketing strategies might be needed. For example the USA has a lot of Android users but doesn't average as many downloads, the reasons for this are unclear, but if this can be correlated with the relatively app hungry Swedish it might transform the way we market apps and result in more downloads which is after all what all Android Developers and Android Users want(they might not yet realise it though!).

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