Monday 28 November 2011

Yahoo Vs Google Plus

Google is the unanimously accoladed king of search, but now there are plans to take it's audience even higher with initial thoughts about acquiring Yahoo.
The ailing company Yahoo, still has a large presence on the net what with the likes of Yahoo answers being an often turned to source of information, however other parts of Yahoo are definitely ailing with Yahoo mail from Bt for example being increasingly hard to use compared to other services like gmail.
Google on the other hand is on the up and up, as you know Gametrender particularly loves their Android phones and more and more services come out everyday such as the yet to blossom google+ and google places lending a whole new dimension to shopping, tourism and travel. best of all most of these services are integrated into Android phones in one way or another- whereas Yahoo just doesn't have this hard technology base.

So will Yahoo go the way of Myspace and become an increasingly redundant entity or will Google add it to their ever growing internet empire. Either way Android owners will see the benefits.

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