Sunday 11 December 2011

Iphone Verizon vs Android Verizon

As the Android Market reaches its ten billionth app download we look at Verizon , one of the World's largest Mobile Networks to see whether Verizon Android or Verizon iPhones are more popular.

With the Apple iPhone being a perennial favourite with Smartphone users and the imminent iPhone 5 seemingly always in the news as being just over the horizon you would expect the iOS device to be one of the most popular on any Mobile network.
Compared to rivals such as AT&T , Verizon users have been quick to pick up on the iPhone 4S with the network rumoured to add 1.2 million subscribers after the new 'phones launch. Recent research and stats also show that despite fears that the app hungry phone would eat up others bandwidth and slow the network , this has not occurred and indeed while the big V doesn't have the fastest network it is regarded as having being the network with the widest coverage.

Android of course is equally strongly represented with the best Verizon Android being regarded as the Verizon Android HTC Desire and its successors which was phone of the year 2010 . Talk of the future though might put the carrier on uncertain footing as Google Wallet is not supported for the Samsung Galaxy Nexus S on this network, Verizon says it's "waiting to offer a better security and user experience".

However, whichever phone you choose, one very bright light for the future of mobile networks , whether you're an Android or iPhone fan, is the advent of the 4G LTE Network , 16 devices are already available on the network and four more are expected including the Droid 4 and Droid Xyboard Tablets

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