Tuesday 27 December 2011

Beautiful iPad educational Tale : Sarah Little Fairy

Educational Story Apps from Sanoen

Stories have always been used to teach our children morals and values, now with the advent of technology like the iPad these stories can be brought together with technology to make entertaining learning through apps even more worthwhile for our kids.

Of course it still takes a master story teller to reach into our hearts and inspire us . SANOEN is one of these crafters of stories. With their series about 'Sarah the Little Fairy' they have managed to write a story app for iPad that is both beautiful and meaningful.
In the first of what will hopefully be many interactive kids stories for iPad , Sarah teaches, through a wonderfully woven tale, all about Alzheimers.
Pitched at 5 to 9 year old children the stories of Sarah the Little Fairy and her magic doll, Mina, will enthrall and beguile your child while teaching about lifes adult mysteries. Such as Alzheimers and economic crisis.

Sarah little Fairy and Grandma not only enchants with it's delightful story but the iPad brings the tale to life with numerous interactive elements, including the ability to make your child a star of the story. The soundtrack and effects are unique and particularly fitting and the whole educational aspect of the app is rounded off with games and questions.
This wonderful  and educational app is written in  Catalan,English,Spanish,French and German and highly recommended. Download it from iTunes and help your children to learn about the world and be marvellously entertained at the same time.
Sarah the Little Fairy


  1. Perhaps you can let us know who is the responsible for those wonderful drawings.

  2. Of course the illustrator is Vanessa Linares from Barcelona


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