Wednesday 28 December 2011

Where's My Water? Disney Physics Puzzle with Alligators!

Europe: Epicentre of the Renaissance and birthplace to many Empires, and it's still a fount of burgeoning newness and creativity , with some of the craziest and quirkiest Android Apps still emerging from the birthplace of the Western World.
Swampy: African Creation Myths Meet Disney!
AndroidGAming Nl-Thanks for the Tip Off!
And none more crazy than the Dutch! Bringing one of Disney's best apps yet to our attention our consummate thanks go out to AndroidGaming NL .Thanks to these crazy Dutch Guys (so it's not just Football and Dykes the Dutch are known for!) we've sourced one of the most awesomely named Apps we've seen this year: Where's My Water? don't know what it is about the name but it just super appeals bringing to mind African Creationist tales and a cool sense of fun. And to add a big videogame developer name into the mix it's also from DISNEY.
Alligator in my Toilet! Is that you Swampy?
Brilliant Physics based fun with the cutely animated and designed Alligator: Swampy. All this guy wants to do is take a bath, isn't that the goal of all Alligators?But unlike your ordinary toilet flushed sewer dwelling Alligator, poor Swampy is foiled at every turn by algae, traps and more. That's why it's up to you to help out this poor creature with your gaming skills and puzzle solving ability. The Physics and cute style of this app is phenomenal , which is why it's the Christmas number one app in over 30 countries!
Free App Levels filled with traps and pitfalls.
And best of all you can now try Where's my Water Free- the free app features ten levels that will unlock each day until December 30th. Beat all ten game levels and get 5 free game levels from the full version on 1 January 2012.
Thanks Disney for a super Physics app puzzler with an Awesome Alligator that's brought us loads of fun.
Where's My Water is available for Android and Iphone.
This Alligator is no Urban Legend he's for real!

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