Tuesday 6 December 2011

Plenty of Rivals for Facebook : Try Odnoklassniki and Diaspora

Facebook is once again in the news with rivals like Odnoklassnki and Diaspora making news and gaining ground in countries like Russia as the social network of choice.

Sadly Diaspora has quite recently featured in the news as the young 22 year old founder recently died, whether this means that the 'other' Social network is going to start to fall apart remains to be seen. At the moment though it seems to be going from strength to strength with a huge following in Eastern European countries in particular. We've looked at the Facebook App for Android a number of times now so won't be revisiting that particular social app, but will be looking to see if we can provide some sort of coverage for the Diaspora Social Network app and also the popular Odnoklassniki

DIASPORA for Android

Open sourced unofficial Diaspora app which lets you do the basics like reading streams, sending messages and finding streams via tags. Very basic at the moment

It's a pity that Android Diaspora is not more evolved as many swear by Diaspora as the safest social network. This Diaspora Poduptime Android App is a labour of love built with app inventor and again provides a basic service but full marks for effort. Developers Website

Odnoklassniki for Android

This Russian Social Network is covered by a number of apps in the Android market
I'll attach a link to the Odnoklassniki Apps , but since I'm not a member of the network will allow you, via the blog comments, to say whether the social apps are any good.

Unofficial version linking in to the mobile site


As rivals for Facebook like Diaspora, Orkut and Odnoklassniki start to emerge in the non-English Speaking world each offers something different and new , the main thing to remember though is that a socila network is only as good as its members, so if you have a preference for a particular network then be sure to use it well and spread the word.
If you are a Odnoklassniki member then you might also like Vkontakte the Russian site for finding long lost friends and contacts.

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