Sunday 11 December 2011

Blackberry Shutdown: Satellites to Blame?

ECHO II as featured on CNET NASA's original satellite

Recently there was a Blackberry Fail. Quite a large one in which their services were shutdown for days. Some blamed  the Hughes Satellite, others dubbed it the Blackberry Storm (Blackberry Perfect Storm). We've dug deep to uncover what really happened to make your Blackberry Manager become a Blackberry Brick.

RIM blamed the BB disruption of service on 'infrastructure problems'. With a great deal of  customers relying on the phone for business purposes and having to switch to Satellite PC services and other ways to get their mail ,the disruption caused chaos for many.

With lawsuits stillbeing threatened against RIM ,especially in the states, no compensation has been forthcoming.
Originating in RIMS satellite internet servers in Slough in the UK. The problem occurred when a backup system failed to kick in , resulting in a large backlog of email and social network messages that eventually spread as far as America.Where to now for Blackberry? Stats are still coming in as to how many users have made the switch to Android and iPhone .
Blackberry Fail

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