Tuesday 6 December 2011

Facebook and Orkut gaining better Android Support

Facebook of course needs no introduction to the world, but many, especially English Speaking countries have not heard of Orkut. In this article we are going to look at the social networks of Orkut and Facebook on Android  and compare their features as well as see how easy they are to use.

Both these services are gaining traction (Facebook goes without saying!) on Android Phones especially as previous phones incarnations of text messaging and regular voice calls have evolved into the total connectivity granted by social networks.

Facebook login and facebook status are easily accessed by most Android phones as most phone manufactures design their os around this popular service (although this is sometimes a double-edged sword as too often I find people sending me messages on Facebook chat that I don't reply too they assume that I'm at a computer console but am travelling or about the town with the Android phone connected to the internet) Facebook has also recently been upgraded on Android to make it more inline with the iOS version.

As for Orkut , the first time I encountered it was working with a developer from Brazil, which made me realise how popular NOVO Orkut is in Portugese and other non-English Speaking countries with UOL  more popular than AOL.
So what does Fazer Orkut mean to Android Phones?

While not as polished as the Facebook app which of course has a massive head start the ORKUT ANDROID APP is more than adequate offering all that an Orkut user would expect: photo uploads; send scraps,friend updates and friends album views are all offered with the essential Orkut conversation and status updates supported.

So which to choose Facebook or Orkut on Android purely boils down which social network you follow, the Book is of course highly polished with a few little quirks that I've just mentioned , but Orkut although newer is still more than adequate. So either way: Let Android Connect You.
 fazer orkut!

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