Monday 16 January 2012

Education through Videogames- Games Britannia's Contribution

To engage a student you need to use material that will enthuse and interest them. That is why educationalists are increasingly looking to Gameification of learning syllabi and materials. Look at most universities course offerings and you will see some sort of Game related diploma ,degree or course. Great strides are being made in computer programming, 3D for games and entertainment, videogame design and scriptwriting and a host of other educational courses that have undergone gameification.

Videogame Earnings up to 2011.Reprinted from GamaSutra
There's little doubt that videogame programmers are todays Rock Stars with the videogame industry earning in excess of   16 Billion Dollars in 2011(and that's just how much the videogame industry in America earned in 2011!). In pre-videogame times parents would dream of and encourage their child to strive to a high paying job such as being a Doctor or even more aspiring parents would encourage their boys to become top league Footballers (unrealistic of course , but that's what dreaming is all about!) Well now as Geekdom seems to reign, and indeed what was once considered 'Geek' is now the bleeding edge of trendiness, the Videogame industry seems to be the one industry where all the finest minds are headed.

Now of course many universities and colleges are offering Videogame related courses (many sadly jumping on a bandwagon and offering little gaming industry educational value) , but a very grassroots campaign has caught our eye.
GAMESBRITANNIA Schools Videogame Festival
Founded on the very sound principles that kids all want to make games and that education through videogames is a way to both students' hearts and minds.
UK's Most Educational Video Game Festival
GamesBritannia prides themselves on being the inspiration behind tomorrows videogame industry giants.Now what GamesBritannia is leading up to is a youth orienatated videogame festival in early July. The amount of massive videogame industry names behind the project ( Gremlin; Sumo Digital) and the educational establishments throwing their weight behind Videogames (Sheffield Hallam University for one) is unheard of.
Sheffield Hallam: UK's
Best Videogame Courses?

 Not only that, but the videogame project has also attracted the backing of local government in the form of Rotherham Council. The videogame festival is going to be big news in July, but leading up to it there is going to be a key videogame moment this week.

GamesBritannia Next Gen 

As a precursor to the main Schools' Videogame Festival in July, at Sheffield Hallam on Thursday 19th Jan. a Press Launch to whet our appetites for the main gaming event in July, will take place. Interviews and appearances with Videogame notables such as Ian Stewart of Gremlin Graphics will take place. And of particular note the largest PS3 teaching Lab in Europe will open its doors to students to use PS3 development kits to see what it is like to create their own games! If this is just a Press Launch for the actual Game Festival than without a doubt the actual Game Festival in July is going to be out of this World!
If you are interested in the role that Videogames are playing in Education or are an educationalist looking to use the medium of Videogames in your classroom , then please read our other articles in our 'Reviews from the Classroom' Series.We are always looking to encourage young game journalists and creators.
How will Sheffield Hallams PS3 Lab compare
to this Future Vision?

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