Sunday 15 January 2012

Minecraft Alternate Review: Another Great Reviews from the Classroom Game Review

StarWars Minecraft : Another Ludicrous Minecraft Creation

The purpose of this paper is to review Minecraft. Minecraft is a sandbox game made up of blocks that work in three different worlds: the starting world, the nether a world with magma seas and fiery monsters, and the end, a dark stark with mysterious creatures. Sandbox means that the game play area is quite large and the player can add structures and alter the game through a process called “modding”.

Worst mobs of Minecraft-A Guide
In Minecraft, players can use blocks to build houses, farm plants and animals, and mine ores used for making armies and shields. The blocks also help fight aggressive mobs [mobiles] that attack the player’s character on sight. The game does not really have an end point, like some games, but players must defeat the enderdragon to be able to go back to the starting world without dying. I would give the gameplay 9 out of 10 points because it is fun and has a lot of variety of items and tools.
While the game is appropriate for a child my age, it would be too difficult for most children several years younger. The main weakness to the game is the graphics. I would rate the graphics 6 out of 10 because they show the pixels and sometimes the game lags when a lot of movement is occurring. Despite the weaknesses, the game is worth buying for the money. It costs about $30, which is far less than many other games. Overall it is a good value for an engaging game, even when considering the graphics.
-- By Grayson B.
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