Wednesday 1 February 2012

iPad: A New Western Art genre via Mobile Apps

I have a limited understanding of the artistic movements and genres of past and present times. But I understand an artistic revolution when I see one and I believe that the Ipad with it's artist friendly apps is ushering in that revolution.
Amateur Ipad Artists Unite!
'Real Art' on iPad thanks to Art Authority courtesy iPhone Life

This opinion of the iOS powered beast as the artists tool for the 21st century is not just a personal opinion. Many magazines both trend conscious and more high brow have picked up on the Ipad as swiftly becoming the artists' medium of choice as more and more famous artist paint and draw on iPad.
An article in hip GQ Magazine highlighted the work of David Hockney and his increased us of the iPad as a creative canvas. Firstly to be noted is that this is a very established artist, his most recent exhibition in the Royal Academy of Arts is one of many picture exhibitions throughout a long and illustrious creator's career. Of note too is that David Hockney is 74 years old, no spring chicken by any means and whilst it could arguably be said that very aged people aren't open too change Hockney has lovingly embraced the iPad in particular, and the iPhone to a lesser extent as his artistic medium.
Of course this is nothing new in the world of artistes, as I have said I've little more than a layman's knowledge of art history and form, but just a quick think brings up the thought of the artist gradually progressing with his painting tools. Cavemen: Berries and blood and chalk for their artists materials, sculpture has been dominated by the raw materials that the artist has to hand-wooden carvings from Africa for example, when Photography first came to the fore artists like Ansel Adams happily embraced it, more recently Lichtenstein and Warhol were also victims of their times with their pop art being infused by '60s genre staples.

So Hockney with his iPad creations is nothing new , nor unique. Artists have always embraced the new as is their right being the spiritual commentators of the state of the human soul.
Fine art-coming to an iPad near you.
Join in the creative extravaganza with ArtStudio for iPad

Another Beautiful David Hockney Painting on iPad
Hockney on iPad


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