Tuesday 10 January 2012

Temple Run : Game cheats ,characters and secrets

Our Temple Run for iPhone Guest Review has been enormously popular. So to satisfy our readers we've gathered the best Temple Run secrets; characters and advice together for you in this article. We hope that the endless running game will be even more enjoyable for you when you read all the great game advice and hints we've pulled together.
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Characters of Temple Run
There are 9 characters in the Apple game at this time, some of the characters of Temple Run are slightly better to use than others:
  • Guy Dangerous -starting character
  • Scarlett Fox -10,000 coin unlock
  • Barry Bones-10,000 coins to get him, Barry Bone's bad cop attitude makes him have permanent invinciblity and he's also one of the faster game characters
  • Karma Lee-25,000 coins, Karma's long legs make her superfast.
  • Montana Smith-25,000 coin unlock
  • Francisco Montoya-25,000
  • Zach Wonder-25,000
  • And two new Temple Run Characters-Scarlett Fox and Montana Smith -amount of coins unknown. 
It's also rumoured that newly unlocked Temple Run Characters will get more bonuses and powerups than previous characters.

Tips for Temple Run
  • Some objects,such as fire, can be jumped over
  • Sliding is a great way to get about in the app
  • Jumping just as you pick up the last coin ensures you pick them all up
  • Beware of Temple areas without walls, if you get too greedy for coins it's very easy to fall off
Best iPhone running game
Temple Run Powerups

This endless runner is filled with power ups and boosts. Here are some of the best powerups.
  • Coin Powerup . Increases amount of coins you get
  • Coin Magnet -hoovers coins to you, if you upgrade it lasts longer
  • Invincibility Powerup-Only temple turns can stop you as you effortlessly float on air. Upgrade this powerup to increase the time it's active.
  • 250M Boost-The same ability as Invincibility but with the added bonus of being really,really fast-careful you don't miss the coins.
  • Temple Run Powerups
  • Double Value coin -some ,but not all, coins double their value. The chances of this happening are increased if this perk is upgraded.
Cost of Powerups
Each of these Temple Run Powerups will cost you 250 coins: 50 coin powerup; coin magnet;invincibility; 250 m Boost; double value coins

The iPhone running game also has some useful utilities including:
  • Avoid Death with automatic resurrection- 500 coins
  • Automatic boost (gives you 1000m headstart at the beginning ) -2500 coins
  • Mega Boost (gives you 2500 m headstart at the beginning!) -10,000 coins
iPhone Game Wallpapers
You can also buy some awesome wallpapers or screensavers for your iPhone
  1. Temple Wall Wallpaper -5000 coins
  2. Guy Dangerous Character Wallpaper - 5000 coins
  3. Scary Evil Demon Monkeys from the Temple -For another 5000 coins you caan get this scary wallpaper on your iPhone too.
Read more at: http://www.chaptercheats.com/qna/iphone-ipod/102696/Temple-Run-Answers.htm?qid=9464

Remember it's a social game that has leaderboards so you'll also be wanting to go after these Temple Run Achievements and Awards:

Get on the Temple Run High Score
Table with these achievements
* Novice Runner - Run only 500 meters

* Pocket Change - Collect 100 coins

* Adventurer - Score 25,000 points

* Sprinter - Run an average 1,000 meters

* Mister Run - Run 500m but don't collect any coins                            
* Piggy Bank - Collect an impressive 250 coins 
* Treasure Hunter - Score 50,000 points

* Mega Bonus - Fill up the bonus meter 4x

* Athlete - Run a respectable 2,500 meters* Lump Sum - Collect 500 coins

* Resurrection - Resurrect after dying
   This  game utility must be bought for  500 coins.

* Basic Powers - Gain all Level 1 Powerups

* High Roller - Score a very impressive 100,000 points

* Payday - Collect 750 coins

* Head Start - Use a Head Start

* Steady Feet - Run 2,500m but don't trip!                                  
* 5K runner - Run 5,000 meters
* No.Trip.Runner - Run 5,000m but don't trip!
* 1/4 Million Club - Score 250,000 points
* Double Resurrection - Resurrect twice in one run.Must be bought for 500 coins from the game shop.
* Money Bags - Collect 1,000 coins and become wealthy * 1/2 Million Club - Score 500,000 points
* Super Powers - Gain all of the Level 5 Powerups

* Dynamic Duo - Unlock Two Characters

* Million Club - Score 1,000,000 points

* Money Bin - Collect 2,500 coins
* Fantastic Four - Unlock Four Characters
* Sexy Six - Unlock 6 characters
* Interior Decorator - Unlock all 3 Temple Run Wallpapers
* 10K Runner - Run a very impressive 10,000 meters

* Fort Knox - Collect 5,000 coins and you'll be wealthy!

* 2.5 Million Club - Score a vast 2,500,000 points

* 5 Million Club - Score an amazing 5,000,000 points

* The Spartan - Can you get to 1 million points without powerups?

* 10 Million Club - Score an unbelievable ten million points
* Allergic to Gold - Can you run for 1000m without getting any coins?
Many thanks to ToiletPro for his great Temple Run Advice

And if achieving all of this and getting all these perks and game bonuses in this brilliant Iphone Endless runner is still too difficult you could always use these Temple Run Cheat Codes:
Unlimited invincibility
Enter the secret password: samhines86
Extra characters
Enter the secret passwor: rxh7nigh
If you like this please check out our original review from the classroom which has been immensely popular amongst iPhone and iPad gamers.


  1. Man I love this game! Although I'm nowhere near close to unlocking the extra characters haha. Never realised you could input a cheat code though, cheers pal :)

  2. I finally hit the 5,000,000 Club. Only one objective to go (http://goo.gl/iW99x)

    Working through so many objectives showed that I was very addicted to the game. So I decided to analyze why I was so addicted (http://goo.gl/LXMjZ)

  3. How do I enter the code???? Please tell me, thanks!!!! :)

  4. The good news is that anyone with a Jailbroken iPhone or iPod Touch can enter codes at anytime by accessing the keyboard on Temple Run's title screen.

    The bad news is that after update 1.4 this is the only way to enter these cheat codes. I've gone off of Temple Run though as I think Jetpack Joyride is a lot more fun:

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