Wednesday 22 February 2012

5 Fun Zombie Games for iPhone

5 Fun Zombie Games for iPhone

1. Zombieville USA – This is one of the most popular zombie games to date. The game seems relatively simple to play, but involves some strategy and technique to level up. As a survivor of the zombie apocalypse, you must battle zombies while looking for cash and ammo. Choose from 15 different weapons like chainsaws and flamethrowers, with a fun choice of characters as well. As you level up, you’ll fight tougher zombies, gain vehicles, and even find some survivor friends to help. ($0.99)
 2. Zombie Wonderland – In this game you’ll play an ordinary guy protecting your town and cleaning up zombie mess. Sound easy? Think again – this game is fast-paced and challenging. Between shooting zombies, cleaning up guts, and trying to last all night until the rooster crows, this game will have you addicted to killing zombies. This game also features a 3-D view from above that gives you perspectives from all angles. ($0.99)
3. Zombie Smash – This app adds a little comedy to the art of surviving a zombie apocalypse. As you defend your home from zombies, progress from flicking them until they fall apart to dropping heavy objects on their heads. This game comes with lots of “extras” such as weapons and modes that can be discovered throughout gameplay. This app is incredibly popular around the world for a good reason. ($0.99)
 4. Zombie Highway – Instead of hiding in your house from zombies, take to the open road and shoot any zombies that try to get in your way. They’ll try to climb on your car and tip it over, so you’ll have to shoot out the window or knock them off by steering around obstacles. As you get better, you’ll get more powerful weapons. For a real challenge, you can even play without weapons and put your life in the hands of your driving technique. ($0.99)
5. Zombie Farm – After you’ve spent hours killing zombies in various ways, why not try farming them? This game builds on the popularity of other farm games (notably Farmville) and turns you into an evil zombie farmer. There are lots of customizable features, from designing your farms, choosing your crops, and breeding new species from different plants and zombies. When your zombies are grown, you can attack the town or go visit your friends’ zombie farms. (Free)
Marcus Morris is a tech enthusiast who owns the site Computer Game Design for students interested in game design. He is also prepared for the Zombie Apocalypse – are you?

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