Thursday 23 February 2012

Mobile Payment App revolutionises Small Business Payments via iPhone and iPad

iPhones and iPads have come a long way in changing the way we do business. For small businesses cash and checks have been the primary ways of customer payment in the past. Many dedicated iOS financial app developers have seen this as an opportunity and have begun to program some very clever apps to help out the small businessman.

SalesVu is one of the more popular retail apps. Amongst a slew of competition it has swiftly made a name for itself. Alternative sales apps such as Square, while still popular , have been overtaken by this simple and convenient app. For the services it provides SalesVu is possibly the cheapest point of sales app when it comes down to credit card transaction rates it is far ahead of any rival apps.

Many small business users swear by the SalesVu mobile payment app asused on their iPads and iPhones, most notably for its slew of features, its cheap transaction rate and the free credit card reader that comes bundled with the sales package. It's a real game changer for those who in the past were tied to hard currency transactions. Now at the point of contact a small businessman can use SalesVu to take credit card transactions via iPhone or iPad , have a sales invoice automatically sent to a client and keep total control over any transaction by seeing whether discounts or vouchers have been applied.

It's these standout app financial features that set SalesVu even further ahead of the money app field:
  • Complete cloud integration allowing transaction data to be shared across multiple devices which are fully synced
  • Highly secure with app encryption of all credit cards used
  • Automatic emailing of receipt and voucher/discount info
  • Free credit card reader
  • Highly attractive low transaction fee
Throw in the sales apps viral marketing capability via Facebook,  which can really change your sales figures, and unlike rivals SalesVu becomes a very cost effective solution for all types of business. So if you have a small or large business and want the premier Mobile Payment App for iPad and iPhone then SalesVu might be just what you're looking for.
Customer FAQ's for SalesVu
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