Wednesday 22 February 2012

Viking Themed Endless Running Type App

We've seen a glut of endless running type games on the Appstore, well Thundersword Across the Sky is not one of those. It is however a similar concept. An app that uses precision and timing to keep on going to accumulate a high score. Where Thundersword when out is in a very artistic throwback to a more beautiful gaming era art style and a very Viking type of theme. 
The hero of this app is not Ragnar, the fierce warrior at the apps opening scene, but rather his sword which he hurls callously into the air.
This is no ordinary sword, it is a Thundersword after all, so this sword will keep on flying through the air, either using your iDevices accelerometer to control it's direction or the onscreen buttons.
Collect gems to increase your speed and keep aloft, the higher the speed the higher you will go, collide with the ground ; birds; rainbows or other hazards on the way and you'll slow down and eventually plummet to a stop. Ragnar would be glad to get his abused sword back, but your game would be over.

As mentioned the art style and the endless type of gaming to get a high score make this an attractive time waster. There's a particularly nice touch if your sword goes too high and too fast and breaks through the time space continuum. The only downside to the game is the relative ease that you can keep on going to get a high score and the fact that you can't choose between different iDevice control schemes. Otherwise a very decent app to test your abilities and a nice spin off of the endless running type of genre.
Another Hit from App incubators Medl Mobile

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