Sunday 26 February 2012

Social Planner and Event Organiser App

Social Calendar App integrated
with Facebook
Summers coming and one thing's for sure is that your social calendar is going to be filled with festivals, events and social activities.(Apologies if you live in the U.K , because it will probably  rain all summer, so you won't need to worry about updating your event calendar with the hectic social schedule that the rest of the world will have!)
Well another thing for definite is  that wherever you might find yourself on Planet Earth come the Summer you're almost guaranteed to have to hand the two staples of a modern connected person: A Facebook account and an iPhone.
Luckily for you that Facebook and iPhones have become more integrated in recent years with some very clever and useful apps connecting up the two. The particular one we have in mind for a Summer of barbecues and music events is the F.Y.I Fly app. And for your information what this app does is alert you to all local activities, summer or winter all year round.
 Now you can find out where the cool kids are at, use the apps simple Facebook integration and sign yourself in for attending any or all the events listed on the Free event calendar app(good luck with that!)
Music festivals are of course only one tiny bite of the iceberg that this app will make you aware of. Multiple event categories include:
Find who's going to events
and mark your attendance with
Arts/Crafts, Educational, Volunteer, Festivals/Community, Drinks/Happy Hours, Markets/Shopping, Religion, Live Music, Sports/Outdoor, Business/Conference and Kids/Family

So events and activities on your iPhone for all ages and walks of life. The social app is raising a storm due to it's simplicity to operate. It's straightforward to log on to the app, choose your type of event and see who else is attending, all with that clever aforementioned Facebook hook up.
Of course savvy event organisers need to be made aware of this app too as it could make their event promotions so much easier. After all Summer and Festivals are as cosy bedfellows as iPhone and Facebook.

Find what's happening in your local town and who to expect there with social calendar app F.Y.I FLY

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