Thursday 16 February 2012

Complete List of Jetpack Joyride Achievements , powerups and Vehicles. Essential Barry Steakfries Guide!

Jetpack Joyride is arguably one of the hottest games on iPhone, personally I prefer it to Temple Run. So we've dug through the web to write a guide for Jetpack Joyride on iPhone. In here you can read about the Jetpack Joyride achievements,  what to upgrade and other hints tips and secrets to help Barry Steakfries along. The Half-Brick game is madly addictive, so we hope you'll use the Jetpack walkthrough to beat the game and be able to sleep at last!

Jetpack Joyride Achievements

Pretty Woman
Description: Buy a matching set of clothing.
 How to get: Purchase any clothes apart from the ones you begin with. Top Hat and Classy Suit to complete two achievements at once.
Tee Hee Two
Description: Collect precisely 69 coins.

Blinged Out
Description: Buy a golden vehicle upgrade.

Good Work, Woody
Description: Run into the bottom obstacles 3 times in a row.
How to get: Just start a game 3 times doing nothing.

Good Work, Sierra
 Description: Stare at the main shop screen for 2 minutes.
How to get: The Stash screen.

Good Work, Muscat
Description: Open and close the main menu slider 10 times. How to get: The little tab with an arrow on the Jetpack Joyride main screen.

Spice of LifeDescription: One of the first achievements I got in Jetpack Joyride ,use every vehicle in Jetpack to get it.

Not so GreenDescription: Complete 10 missions

Gold Digger
Description: Get Barry Steakfries Flying corpse to collect 20 coins when you die.
How to get: Bump into zappers in front of the biggest stack of  coins you can find and hope you've got enough game momentum.

 Description: Get blown up by a missle 3 times in a row

Description: Travel a total of 50kms in the game.

Fuzzy Locks
Description: Get fried 99 times

Alpha Charlie Echo
Description: Get to over 2kms.
How to get: In a single Jetpack game travel over 2k

Road Trip
Description: Accumulate a total of 10kms on the hog High Roller

High Roller
Description: Get unlucky with the final spin a hundred times.

For Science
Description: Knock over 1000 scientists. How to get: You'll have to use a jetpack that kills the scientists .

Description: Win 3 atom blasts

Big Spender
Description: Spend over 50,000 coins.

Description: Complete 40 Jetpack Joyride missions

Romeo Alpha Delta
Description: Fly over 5kms.
How to get: You have to reach 5kms in one game. Quite an app achievement!

Description:Just go for a pleasant trip using the Rainbow Jetpack and don't collect any coins.

Description: Get a score of precisely 200m.
 How to get: Attempt to hit the third zapper.

James Who?
Description: Buy any 2 jetpacks.
How to get: Any one will do. Traditional Jetpack or Rainbow Jetpack to complete two achievements at once.

Foam Party
Description: Fly a total of 10kms with the bubble gun jetpack.

Crazy Freaking Skills
Description: Get a best distance of over 800m in the teleporter. How to get: Use luck or skill with the Crazy Freaking Teleporter.

Angry Wings
Description: Get the profit bird twice in one game.

A Man, my Son
Description: Finish all the missions, and start again.

Class Act
Description: Fly over 1km, whilst nattily wearing the top hat, classy suit and traditional jetpack.

Description: Fly 2km, without touching any coins, scientists or tokens.
 How to get: Try the Super Head Start powerup and stay near the ceiling to avoid scientists.

Happy Snap
Description: Save an action shot to your camera roll. How to get: At the end of each game there is a little photo that says TAP TO VIEW. Tap it and tap the small  disk icon to save it.

Dragon Fruit(Mystery Achievement)
Description: Ride Mr Cuddles while using the Fruit Jetpack.

Phew, there's your complete list to all the achievements of Jetpack Joyride, good luck getting them all and remember to take time out to eat and sleep!
Vehicles/powerups in Jetpack Joyride
 There are 6 power-ups to collect in Jetpack and there 2 collectibles.
All of the vehicle powerups and which is the best to use in Jetpack Joyride
Lil Stomper
Lil Stomper Jetpack Powerup
A nimble robot that Barry SteakFries rides in , it makes it is probably Jetpack's best vehicle for collecting coins.

Profit Bird : HalfBricks Spoof of Angry Birds
Probably my least favourite vehicle for Steakfries. It opens its beak wide to collect coins but you need to keep flapping to keep aloft and this makes it hard to control ( do you get the Angry Bird reference-with cash making this bird fly!)

Gravity Suit
- A reference to Half-Brick's other game: ‘Gravity Guy’Change Gravity to run on the floor or ceiling, timing is essential with this Jetpack Powerup

CRAZY FREAKY TELEPORTER - Definitely crazy as it teleports all over the place, time your teleports right though and you can avoid collissions with rockets and zappers.

A Crazy Teleporter
Mr Cuddles the Dragon
This is probably the most inappropriately named Dragon I've seen in a game and he's also quite hard to control with his jet of flame holding him up-great fun though

A reference to another great iPhone Half Brick Game: Monster Dash. Barry  is stuck to the floor with the Bad as Hog but can make pretty big wheely jumps. This Jetpack Joyride powerup is  Good for getting places fast.

Barry Steakfries Motorcycle
The 2 collectibles are coins and spin tokens; the coins are used to buy goodies from the stash (such as different clothes for Barry Steakfries; new Jetpacks like the BubbleGun; Rainbow Jetpack and traditional Jetpack; new Jetpack Joyride Vehicles : Gold Mr. Cuddles etc) . Spin tokens are used on the slot machine at Games End or can be swapped for fifty coins each.
Use the Spin tokens to get extras like a 750m boost
Jetpack Joyride Slot Machine Prizes


  1. Nice post! For me, Profit Bird is the best, not the worst vehicle. It's the easiest to operate, you just need to tap more :) I also love Mr. Cuddles and like Stomper. I don't like the hog, in many cases you just fall to the obstacle and have no influence on that. Teleporter is interesting, after some practise it's pretty useful, but hardly great. Gravity suit is my second least favourite.

    I think that Profit Bird is a reference to Tiny Wings, not Angry Birds. What do you think?

  2. The list is uncomplete, your missing 4 achivements more, 4 of the game center.

  3. Thanks for the tip off Anonymous. We haven't really tried the game much on game center, what have we missed?

  4. Guys, there are 4 more achievements on Game Center, but we are unable to get them now. They include features which are going to be released within April's update.

  5. Thanks for the input WorldIdol, you sound like a person who knows their games. Gametrender always welcomes input form great gamers.

  6. for the secret achievement “Another way in” you have to activate one of the new gadgets. Activate the “free ride” gadget and keep playing until you start with the crazy freaking teleporter. i was really excited when i figured it out so i figured i'd share (:

  7. That's brilliant , I'll be updating soon to check out all the new gadgets-I'll run a Gametrender article soon about the update after I've uncovered the secrets that Halfbrick has hopefully added for us to find.

  8. THANK YOU lovely anonymous person this achievement has been driving me mad!

  9. THANK YOU ANONYMOUS FOR OTHER WAY IN!I'VE BEEN TRYING EVER SINCE I GOT THE GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Have you guys figured out all the special combos for the gadgets

  11. And the "Walkies" archievement????? It makes me maaaad! Really dont know how can i get this!

  12. @Marcus........just equip the "Flash" gadget (which is a robot dog) and travel a total of 10,000m with it. This is walkies achievement.

  13. Where is mix'n'match achievement?

  14. Woohoo just got all achievements

  15. Achievement; rejected = fly past token gift...? What is the token gift?

  16. walkes= get 10 km total by flash

  17. match N mix= get 50 gadgets combo

  18. one acheivment that bugs me is that one that says stare at main stash screen for 2 minutes. I did that and got nothing .-.

    1. a watched pot never boils

  19. Green Eggs and Ham - complete day one of the daily SAM challenge
    License to Thrill - complete the 5th day of the daily SAM challenge
    Strong Arm Tactics - complete the 5th day of the daily SAM challenge 10 times

  20. Hey I got the a achievement tee he how and its to collect 69 coins so just throwing it out their

  21. I downloaded the game after its latest update and can no longer get the rainbow jetpack. :/ No achievement hippy for me. Also with the latest update to get the spice of life you need to use the wave rider.

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