Wednesday 15 February 2012

A Different type of iPhone Racing : Riptide GP

Tired of Tarmac: Try iPhone Water Racing with RIPTIDE GP

iTunes is filled with car racing, asphalt burning turbo charged games , so how about a bit of differently styled racing for your iPhone and iPad. 
Making waves, pun fully intended , is the water based racer for iOS  : Riptide GP. Expect this jetski racer to deliver the same floaty based racing as you'd expect from a title like WipeOut and you have an idea what you're in for with a lunatic racing speed with not very precise controls. Riptide delivers ten very well designed racing circuits, massive waves to navigate and some very slick and scary stunt jumps.

Boost racing is what's going to make you a winner though and only by hitting stunt ramps at speed and pulling off some insane jetski tricks are you able to get that race winning boost. Auto acceleration is defacto nowadays for iPhone and its likeand is used very well in this game with tilt controls being in charge of direction changes. Control is a bit haphazard but that could be just down to the water based racing physics.
Sound effects aren't as boombastic as we'd like them for such an adrenalin packed racer and the game does feel a little bland. But loads of racing tracks and the fact that it's a different type of racer make it worth a look.

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