Tuesday 21 February 2012

MicroHeroes : Let Micro Churchill entertain and educate you (Just don't tell Micro Shakespeare-he could get jealous!)

Learn and have fun with
great leaders on Android:
Meet Micro Churchill
Great leaders of history on your Android Phone? Been done. Talking Tom Cat and other funny apps: Been Done. Quote a day apps and words of wisdom apps. So cliched. And what about using your Android Phone to explore History? Yawn, no thanks, that's been overdone too. But what about if you had an actual historical figure on your phone. There to give you words of wisdom, dance for you, entertain you, educate you in the ways of the world, be an inspiration and an advisor. What if you could choose which historical figure to have on your phone?

Shakespeare on Android:
Micro Shakespeare
What if MicroMadHouse app developers had done the unthinkable, and actually created a new genre of app, an app genre that has actually made me start out of my reviewers chair and say: "I like that app, I want that!" This is perhaps one of the most creative and interesting app ideas that I've seen this year. The only similar app that I can think of is " Talking Tomcat", you know the rising star of iTunes and Android, a cat that will yawn, smile , dance etc. at your prompting (and of course the many spin-off apps). But MicroHeroes are so much more: Here's the concept-Take a handful of famous and entertaining historical figures, Winston Churchill; Abraham Lincoln; Shakespeare and a few more.
 Now transform them into a cartoon version, a cartoon Churchill , well animated and with his ever so iconic voice. There on your phone ready with epic quotes, day to day advice, a magic 8 ball app feature, except with the very rare personality of Churchill flavouring it. But the Android App has so much more. Churchill not your idea of an amusing, full of advice, app avatar. Well why not have Abraham Lincoln, you can even get some fun trivia about the historical figures on the app.
Or why not even have a Confucious App: Don't know who Confucious is, well his Microbiography , like the other Microheroes biographies will educate you. And of course aside from the sage advice of MicroHeroes historical figures colouring your day to day life they even expand across your phone with Micro Churchill themed wallpapers; Micro Shakespeare phone backgrounds, and all the rest of the quirky, historical figures brought to life in this app: I haven't mentioned Micro Gandhi have I?
And that's why this app has got me so excited, who wouldn't want a famous historical figure on their phone, to amuse , entertain and give out pearls of wisdom. All of course in the characters 'original voices' ( not sure about that claim, but the Micro Churchill at least sounds like what you'd expect him to sound like!) I think the other MicroHeroes voices might be a best guess somehow, but still very apt and highly amusing!
 So choose your favourite Micro Hero, your own personal historical figure ,brought to amusing cartoon life, (Micro Gandhi is very amusing, both for the cartoon and his voice) Of course choose your Micro Hero wisely, Lincoln might not be great with love poetry (you'd want Micro Shakespeare for that), but Micro Lincoln would be your man for savvy rights of man political advice wouldn't he. Of course you could just download all the MicroHeroes on Android , because they all just happen to be so amusing and charming!
 All for Download on the Android Market and with a cut down MicroLite Hero version too.

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