Monday 27 February 2012

New Ice-Cream Sandwich News for Xperia Play Phones

The Ice-cream sandwich update for the Xperia Range of phones is almost upon us. Due to begin late march for other Xperia Range phones , the update will likely hit the Playstation Phone "Sometime in April".
Sony Mobile has released a Beta Version of Ice-Cream Sandwich that shows off some of the features of the new Android OS for some Xperia Phones (unfortunately not the Play).

The Final OS Update will , it is rumoured, include an improved UI, a media and camera swift access from the lock screen and wait for it.... Face Recognition unlock for the Xperia Play!

A recent update to the Xperia Play gave it the ability to take screenshots staright from the phone's screen, Android 4.0 will give us even more features. Combined with rumours of even more Playstation era games making their way to the Android based Play. and it is still an exciting time to own one.

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  1. Yeah I noticed I never use the physical search button. The new settings do look a little more friendly.

    Still feel like I'm missing out on a great camera for the phone though. For example there's no zoom and it's a bit awkward for me to use(came from using a Sony Ericsson C905a). I think the rounded bottom shape of the Play also makes it a bit harder for me to hold than other handhelds(and less stable on flat surfaces). Looking less bulky is more important than a little stability loss this time. Most phone users wouldn't like the extra bulkiness. I wouldn't mind that bulkiness if it resulted in more power, battery life, and fit in the hands better.


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