Monday 27 February 2012

Top new games coming to Xperia Play

Still space battling your way through Galaxy on Fire 2 on the Xperia Play? Fear not, Sony Mobile hasn't forgotten about us Playstation Phone fans and is answering the call for new Xperia Play games by fuelling some very decent gaming rumours. Daxter the PSP hit is going to be coming soon to the Playstation suite, a good fit sice Crash Bandicoot worked so well as an Xperia release title.
Gabe Logan is also going to be making a triumphant return in Syphon Filter: Dark Mirror.
flOw the tranquil indy marvel that initially wowed the Playstation network and then the PSP is also due to be ported over (will the gameplay of flOw match up to the sublime Android niche game Osmos is another question)

Fans of Pinball games on Android and especially the Xperia Play won't be left out in the cold either as PSP Pinball hit Pinball Heroes will be bursting onto our Xperia Play phones soon too.

I'm busy chasing up rumours that Final Fantasy IX and FF X are also available on the Playstation Suite and will confirm or deny in the future-after a thorough Android RPG game test of course!

Perhaps time to update the list of best Xperia Play Games Ever then?


  1. final fantasy x(10) will never work on xperia play unless square make a remake which the wont to much money. as for ff7,8 + 9 its posible i personally wanna see 7 and 8.

  2. I'd personally love to see 8 as this was the first FF I played and I still think it rocks. Somehow missed playing FF7 the first time around but when I played I downloaded it for my PSP a while back just couldn't get into it, but the fantastic story needs to be brought back to life with some updated game mechanics. I think 9 has some great characters and would love to see that emerge, perhaps a bit too optimistic expecting 10! For a great RPG experience try any of the Zenonia series as they're well written with some good ideas and some Xplay optimisation.


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