Thursday 9 February 2012

Osmos -Beautiful ,Physics Heavy App now on Android

Physics propelled Galactic Motes make a change from ripped Gun toters and perturbed birds this week in Android gaming land. Osmos has been around for a while on iPad and iPhone but the folks at Hemisphere games have finally been able to port this beautiful game to Android.
Osmos on Android

Osmos has been applauded ever since its initial inception on Steam and various Apple devices. Soundbites variously describe the game as a 'Game of the Year' and my favourite quote by far:
5/5 stars - “Osmos is an absolute must that will change the way you think of games, and what you expect from them.” -AppAdvice
After playing through Osmos on my Xperia Play I can confirm that all the hype is right. It is a truly beautiful game backed up by an ambient relaxing soundtrack. The gameplay is simple, even primordial as your galactic mote, which looks absolutely stunning on an Android Phone, must simply absorb other motes to live long and prosper. Floating through the cosmos has never been so relaxing or puzzling. As the eclectic and pacifying soundtrack bubbles on in your headphones trancing you along so your mote floats effortlessly through the universe , ejecting matter (artfully drawn) behind it to propel itself forward and consume other motes, thereby growing larger. Simple finger swipes make time , and the music in eerie counterpoint, speed up or slow down to increase your chances of overcoming gravity and other aggressive motes to win through. On this simple premise Osmos Odyssey  and later unlocked Arcade modes can be overcome. Different level types such as Repulsor and Warped Chaos ( eight distinct level types altogether) all hinge on these simple gameplay principles.

Truly Osmos has changed the barrier for Android Games. The sheer weight of programming processing powering this physics hungry app must be colossal and the graphics are sublime. The first must have game on Android this year.
OSMOS HD on Android Market
Hemisphere Games Osmos Developers

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