Saturday 4 February 2012

Valentine's Day App Update : A Boy/Girl Love Story on iPhone

Valentine's Day is almost upon us and how better to celebrate this Romantic Day then with a Valentine App Update for one of the sweetest and most Romantic apps we've recently seen? Boy Loves Girl was recently released onto iTunes with much critical acclaim-not the least from Gametrender. This game will be an inspiration for those attending online school for video game design. As it not only encapsulates the spirit of gaming traditions but is a masterclass in fun programming design.
Valentines Day App :Boy Meets Girl
Of course such a sweet app is most deserving of an update for the most Romantic day of the year on your iPhone. While the original was a joy to play, the updated controls of Boy Meets Girl make this an even more enjoyable experience. The game challenges that really made us shake our head and grit our teeth ,but carry on persevering have also multiplied . Thankfully the app Developers Grubby Hands now let us see the Boy Meets Girl challenges to complete when the game is paused. And another small ,but whimsical change to the game is a new romanticised icon.

Overall the same great platform type experience on iPhone but sweeter,more controlled and overall more polished. Celebrate Valentine's Day with your iPhone a bottle of Champagne and Boy Meets Girl- a partner is optional!


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