Friday 30 March 2012

Clashes between PSP Vita , its rumoured Android OS and Xperia Play

SCE Insider PSP Vita Exclusive

Does the PSP Vita have an Android OS? It was originally touted too, but that function seems to have disappeared . And where does the Xperia Play and other Sony "Play Certified" Handsets fit into this story. Gametrender research has found an insider source from SCE who, in this article, is going to blow the lid open on intra company Sony Gaming Politics, the future of the PSP Vita and why the Xperia Play is holding the Vita back.

  • In a recent expose of the Vita our insider gave us many valuable facts about the future games for PSP Vita. Apparently the Vita will be able to support apps in the future (whether those will be Android Apps is still unconfirmed.
  • A special app store for the Vita, Xperia Play and other Sony products is planned for the future (perhaps early 2013), however the fairly poor performance of the Xperia Play and Sony Tab have held this back somewhat. Also gaming and technology politics are rearing their ugly heads with Sony Corporate and Sony Mobile seeing the Vita as being stiff competition for the "Play" branded Sony mobiles and tablets, this has resulted in the Vita being held back from it's full potential for these devices to accrue greater market share.
  • With reference to certain Sony CES announcements and full device id integration for the Xperia Play and other products-a special App store will be created giving more games and apps for these Sony gaming products. Only the lack of app and game developers is holding this back at the moment.
  • Once the new Android system and store is up and running for the Xperia Play and other devices the PSP Vita will then be brought on board.
  • A new (Android) developers competition will soon be held by Sony for their new system
Thanks to our insider source for revealing the possible future of Xperia Play, PSP Vita and Android Powered Gaming Tablets. It looks to be a rosy future if the company politics sort themselves out. 

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