Sunday 18 March 2012

DragonVale Guide to Breeding your Dragons

All you Dragonvale players out there are always asking how to combine your Dragons to get better and better powers. Here is a handy DragonVale Breeding Guide in Picture Chart form which should answer most of your questions about which of the beasts you need to combine. Hopefully the dragon breeding guide diagram will answer your basic questions about the hit Ipad game (habitats etc.) and will give you a heads up where to explore next. As for rare breeding in Dragon Vale we might explore a post on that next time! If you're new to the game and still confused about app topics like bonus and space this is a good place to start. Basic questions like " How do you make a Water Dragon in Dragon Vale?" (hint:it's a lightning and cold dragon, you just need them to mature a bit and it's recommended to put the cold dragon on the left), and other simple Draconean mating questions should be answered by this breeding guide chart. Some other quick hints before you go off and explore the diagram: Air dragon is water and fire combined. Rumours ( unproven by me or any other DragonVale friends of making a rainbow dragon by combining 2 level ten dragons and having a lot of luck to get the magic creature still remain just Vale rumours). Is this the best way to get the Rainbow Dragon in Dragon Vale? -answers in comments if you have any other suggestions about the rainbow.Spend your gems wisely!

Before you set off to make some more scaly lizards we'll leave you with a quick list of where to find each type of basic dragon in DragonVale:
List of Dragons and where to find them:
(Type of Dragon), (Where they can be found)
Plant - plant
Earth - earth
Water - water
Tree - plant or earth
Flower - fire or plant
Seaweed - water or plant
Air - air
Sonic - air or lightning
Snow - cold or air
Blazing - air or fire
Willow - air or plant Lava - fire or earth
Moss - earth or plant
Poison - plant or fire
Mountain - cold or earth
Firefly - fire or lightning
Crystal - lightning or earth
Fire - fire
Cold - cold
Lightning - lightning Quake - earth or lightning
Storm - lightning or cold
Ice - cold or water
Mud - earth or water
Swamp - plant or water

Rainbow - rainbow 

Easy Dragon  Combinations in DragonVale -Share with your friends
Many thanks to dragonvalebreed  for the original copy of the breeding chart.

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