Thursday 26 April 2012

Audio Filter for iOS: SpaceSampler

Simple apps that do big and impressive things, is really what we want. Look at Instagram for example, nice, simple and uncomplicated, but the brilliance that it brings to photos is unparalleled. So what other senses can iOS enhance, as visual has already been covered let's move on to the audiosphere. After all Apple originally became massive on the strength of it's MP3 Players, so you'd expect apps to have kept pace with this audio legacy and be bringing some brilliant features to our music. 
Well we think we've come across one of those audio enhancing apps , in some circles SpaceSampler has been touted as "An Instagram for audio". There are clear comparisons:

  • SpaceSampler is easy to use
  • The interface is uncluttered
  • Instant audio gratification is granted at the push of the button.
SpaceSampler Audio Convolution App
So what exactly does SpaceSampler do? In essence you can add effects to music, instruments and voice with this app. Any audio you play through or record with SpaceSampler can be changed and enhanced with a variety of filters added to it. I'm no muso, but this is powerful audio equipment distilled down to the size of an iOS app. I ran the audio app through my iPad, just experimenting with a bit of voice recording. Adding various filters, such as AM Radio and Electro IR Filter just to see how it works and for amusement's sake. The results are clear and instantaneous with over 15 professional IR (Impulse Response) high quality audio filters for your iPad or iPhone this music making app will be very powerful in the right hands.

iOS Apps for Musicians
I've given a copy of the audio filter app to a musician friend and am awaiting a response. Growing up with this muso friend he'd often try intrigue me with his latest music gadget. Instantly he sprang to mind with his Korg Synthesisers and Cakewalk software, because as far as I can tell this powerful audio app from Periscope does all the work and more of an expensive real time hardware filter and all from a cheap and easy to use  app. 
The Clever Maths behind SpaceSampler
Paying a visit to the SpaceSampler Website will give you more of an insight into the brilliance behind this musician's app. Periscope Audio Labs hasn't just number crunched some fancy software to do this apps work but has used the algorithms and sound wave forms from real audio equipment and performance spaces.
Sharing your iOS created Music

  • Share via e-mail, MAPI Audio Copy, Dropbox & SoundCloud
  • Choose between .wav and .mp4 for file encoding
Download SpaceSampler Audio Filter for iOS

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