Thursday 26 April 2012

MapleStory Update: Alliance Eternal rebalances Cygnus Knights and other classes

maplestory update
Alliance Eternal Maple Story Update
Maple Story is one of those RPG type games that have been around for ages. If you're a fan then we're sure that you want to find out what the latest Maple Story Update has to offer. We've got hold of the Nexon Press release to show all you Maple fans what to look forward to in the latest game update.

MapleStory Update: Final Leg of Alliance Eternal

Explorers and Cygnus Knight characters in Nexon America’s 2D side-scrolling MMORPG, “MapleStory,” are the last groups to be rebalanced in the Alliance update trio. Alliance Eternal, released Apr. 12, restores the order among the classes, making Cygnus Knights and Explorers, specifically Warriors, Magicians, and Bowmen, more powerful and equal to all the other character classes that were balanced in the previous Alliance updates.

In addition to the rebalancing, Cygnus Knights can now enjoy new quest chains for levels 110 and above. Players can investigate and solve the mystery of the Clock Tower as a newly awakend Cygnus Knight, earning a reward of five skill points. Those that are level 120 can travel through the Dimensional Schism and defeat the evil Arkarium. Victorious players are rewarded with the ability to raise the skill level of their Noble Spirit, a skill that raises the master level of Empress' Blessing and gives permanent stat boosts to the characters in the same account that are in the same game world. This is dependent on the level of a Cygnus Knight character in the same account that is in the same game world.

Legends characters are also making a brief appearance with the Alliance Eternal update. For the duration of the Alliance Eternal update, players who haven’t logged in for a month or longer have the opportunity to create a Legends character to explore Maple World. Those who choose to create and level a Legends character to at least level 10 will receive 3,000 Maple Points.

Alliance Eternal completes the Alliance updates and rebalances the Explorer and Cygnus Knights character classes. 

Look forward to MapleStory's  seven year Anniversary in May and an expected summer of Massive Content Release , including ,it's rumoured, the Phantom Hero.

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