Thursday 26 April 2012

PowerOn: Merlin Electronic Game reborn as iOS App

PowerOn: iOS App Puzzler similar to Merlin
Electronic Game
Nothing quite matches iOS gaming for it's brilliant touch capabilities, puzzle games especially revel in the ease of UI compatability. That's why Puzzle games are so prevalent-especially on iPad. However to be a good iOS Puzzle game requires something special. PowerOn  ticks quite a few of those "Something Special" boxes.

Loosely based on the Merlin Electronic Game of the '70s, PowerOn bring s the Merlin experience up to date for modern touch screen gaming. The original game was by all accounts a bit of a puzzler and mind scrambler, the app is no different! With the simple premise of pushing the lights in the correct order to power up the whole grid, the puzzle app starts off easy and has a firm but not sadistic learning curve. It uses retina display graphics to perfection with the graphics really reminiscent of top quality tabletop puzzles. PowerOn is not short of levels either, with over 60 levels bringing a lot of brain numbing puzzling to your iOS device.

Like me you can just push to complete very level, or you can work hard to complete a level in fewer moves to get a better score. The graphics really enhance the puzzle app and there are different light arrays to keep it interesting.
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