Thursday 19 April 2012

Coco Loco IPad app game guide and hints

Which Coco Loco Character is best?
All the characters of Coco Loco
CocoLoco is the new Angry Birds, except better and with improved physics and a breath of chocolatey  fresh air. In premise CocoLoco is very similar to the peeved Avians ,but I've come to enjoy it more as the dynamic fluid physics of cascading Jelly and chocolate really adds a new dimension to what promises to be 2012's best physics based game.
 So here's a few tips and a mini guide on the characters of Coco Loco , if you haven't yet played Chillingo's new baby then be sure to give it a marshmallowy whirl and have fun with our
 CocoLoco Guide to Characters and how to use them
Marty Marzipan is the first and most common Cocoloco character, he doesnt have any special power but is good for smashing things up. 
Coco Loco App Guide
Jelly Gumble Coco Loco Character
Jelly Gumble is the first character that you'll come across in the top iOs physics game that really makes you sit up and take notice and definitely makes you think that this game will be a worthy iPad game of the year successor to Angry Birds. When you first use Jelly Gumble be prepared to be highly amused by the way he sticks to some things and expands when you tap the screen. A useful Coco Loco tip is to use Jelly to fill gaps to let that sweet chocolate dam up and cascade away.
 Neapolitan Dynamite explodes, simple as that, another useful Coco Loco tip is to make sure that you use Neapolitan Dynamite only when necessary,as saving your explosive character will often get you bigger points in Coco.
 Slammin’ Sammy Sumo goes up and then nose dives down  on command and bounces high when he hits jelly, as a Marshmallow Sumo wrestler he's big and dumb,and sound it too with his very Jocky sound effects,great for smashing down wooden barricades,not so great for stone and metal.
Coco Loco Hints and Tips
Donutella Coco Loco Character
 Donutella ( is his name a homage to the Mutant Ninja Turtles?)cuts through objects with his ninja slash, he is a bit erratic to use though as you have to get his flight path just right.
 Corporal Clinker is the Coco Loco character that we all recognise from the app adverts and game videos, he has the chocolate cannon.
 How to control the strength of your hit in Coco Loco 
Quite simply you can't! Unlike Angry Birds all you can do is control the characters trajectory and not how far they will go ,most of the time they are sent on their way by Billy Batter, a marshmallow baseball slugger. You can’t affect how hard The characters are hit in Coco.A good hints is To adjust your Coco Loco characters’ trajectories is by aiming upwards or downwards.

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