Thursday 19 April 2012

Free Animal Calling apps for Hunting

Free Field Caller - Turkey Calls brings you real high quality  Turkey calls. No need for carrying a traditional calling device and having to blow it or use it correctly. Put this on your phone and save packing space. This free android app gives you 8 different types of Turkey sounds. The on screen buttons are big and easy to use. The calls are loud and clear to help you lure in your next prize. Wouldn't you want anything to increase your chances out in the woods? Add a bit of free man-made technology to aid you in your hunts. This could be like cheating and unfair to those animals, but good for you. The developer, LaRoche ent., also has other Field Caller apps to help you with Deer calls and Elk Calls.

Although the sounds are loud, most if not all cell phones do not have enough volume to use this outdoors for long range or realistic decibels. This issue may be solved by using stronger speakers with an external battery. Make sure it’s not just a tweeter because that will most likely make the pitch too high. The developer recommends this speaker Satechi ST-IPOP Ultra Portable Rechargeable Speaker for iPod, iPhone and MP3 player (Black) for $27. This speaker has excellent reviews and from the helpful user review video it is really loud and clear for it’s price. It has a grill to protect the speaker. A downside is that the audio cable is attached to the unit and is only 4 inches long. Depending on the situation and preference this may or may not bother you. The speaker may take up a little space, but it’s not that big at about 3 inches. The battery lasts up to 6 hours of use and is rechargeable with a usb cable(included with the speakers).


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