Sunday 29 April 2012

Combat Arms update: New Clan Map and Weapons

Gaming press release for Combat Arms Press release gives details of the new Combat Arms Clan Battle Map: Slaughterhouse and exciting info on some of the new and most powerful weapons now available for the game. America’s “Combat Arms” Slaughterhouse is open for bloody business   New content update includes new search-and-destroy map for Clan battles Nexon America’s popular online first person shooter, Combat Arms has release a new content update that will offer clans a map custom made for faction-on-faction fights. The Slaughterhouse content is now live and free for download at The new map, Slaughterhouse, is set within the bloody confines of a meat packing plant, provides players with the opportunity to put their teamwork skills to the test with clan-on-clan warfare where two opposing teams try to outwit and outgun each other in map’s search-and-destroy mode.   Players will have an array of new weapons to take into the Slaughterhouse with them including a M1 Garand, a World War II replica of the semi-automatic rifle that was as step-up from its bolt-action contemporaries. Additionally, the Super-Shorty shotgun, designed for maximum damage and minimum range; the scope equipped .357 Python revolver and the USMC KA-Bar multi-purpose knife are now available.

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