Tuesday 24 April 2012

Get more Downloads for your Android App: Improve Google Play Search Rankings

Google Play (the Android market) is notorious for having hard to find apps. As an app developer you want to find the best way to get your app promoted on Google Play and get more downloads for your Android App. Here's a guide to help you promote your Android App and improve developers chances of being found in searches on Google Play (Android Market)

Improve Your Android Apps Search Rank on Google Play

Like a normal Google search the actual Google formula for Android app searching is a closely guarded secret, but based on recent research trends have been seen showing a correlation for good SEO of Android Apps and their likelihood to be found in a Google Play Search.

What Factors Affect Android App Downloads?
Organic search on the Android Market counts for about 75 percent of App downloads.So to increase Android App downloads it's crucial to improve your search rank for popular keywords within the type of app you have. For example I want to download an Alarm Clock App, think of all the various phrases that a person likely to search for this type of clock app would look for. Be creative and use the power of Google Play Search to your advantage. Don't be afraid of the Panda , embrace it!

Why Android App Titles improve Google Play Downloads
The first and most important thing when having your Android app listing searched for is the Title of the App. How big can your Android App title be? 32 Characters-32 App Title Characters that make the difference between being the next Angry Birds and Generic Hangman App Number 168 . Again Keyword, keyword,keyword! Use at least one Keyword to improve your Rankings. When you're a big App developer you can afford to be creative with your Application titles, because then people will search for your app development studio and hopefully buy your apps because they love your apps. Until then the Keyword Search is your biggest weapon in avoiding your well honed app sinking into obscurity.
Why an Android App Description and Promo Text improves your App downloads
Just like you see me including anchor text and popular search terms in this blog a multitude of times and in different contexts within this blog to improve it's chance of an App developer searching for terms such as " How to make people download my Android App" or "Get Lots of downloads on Google Play" (see there I've done it again, two more chances of this being searched by an app developer just like you!) So too should you use this type of SEO for your Android Apps. It's recommended that you use keywords at least five times in your app description. Remember you not only need to use synonyms for your search text but also make sure that your description makes sense to a potential user of your app. Your good App SEO will bring the buyers to you-but the deal will only be closed if they like what they see.

Ten Ways to improve Android App Discovery on Google Play

1.    Find  keywords that are relevant to your app- a great too for this , aside from your research is google Traffic estimator
2.   The most important keywords MUST be included in the app title.
3.    Include App Name + all other keywords at least 5 times in description
4.    Try to use a developer name that pertains to the type of app you are publishing.
5.   The app logo is also important-make it relevant to a potential search
6.    See what rival apps are up to and use their ideas in your own creative ways.
7.    Geo-specific: Consider putting city and country names if geographies are relevant to your app
8.    Look at the search rank for your keywords. Don't use an oversearched term-unless you're already established you'll sink!
9.    Measure traffic from search on keywords over the period of a week
10.  Change the  keyword mix in  the app title 


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